Friday, May 30, 2008

strawberry fields, forever...

Matt's Birthday
linda and me at jackie's place for his son's birthday bash on sunday night.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Long Weekend.

from wednesday afternoon until saturday evening, i was in vegas with my family. this trip was probably the first family trip in 5 years. my dad, as usual, was being an ass and didn't come along, but we can count him out of the family.

day 1, we arrived in vegas around 2 p.m., and took a shuttle to the wynn. and must i say the wynn is an extremely nice hotel. afterwards we checkin to harris, and that place isn't as nice. we then ate at the paris diamond club area with free food and booze.

Las Vegas Day 1

day 2, my sister and i woke up early to get to the poolside to lay out and take a nap. we got about 4 hours of on and off sun. the wynn's pool area is extremely nice tooo! afterwards we went to the wynn's extrememly nice buffet. soo much good food! I had to finish up some homework, so my mom and sister walked around together. after i was done, we went to go see Cirque du Soleil LOVE with The Bealtes. it was a memorizing show!

Las Vegas Day 2
Las Vegas Day 2

day 3, my sister and i woke up early again to get to the poolside. this time not as many people were out. it mightve been the hard partying or cause it was on the cooler side. we still stayed out for about 4 hours. then had a not so good buffet at harris. after we basically walked one end of the strip to the other end. saw the mgm lions. and got some chipolate for dinner... sooo good. oh yes, after dinner we encountered a creepy old dude. my mom is too nice of a person, and doesn't have much common sense. anywho, later that night, the two old ladies got me mad, so i ended up walking around vegas by myself since no one was willing to do anything!

day 4, this was the packing day, well at least for my mom and me. since my sister did it the night before (that is the reason why we didn't go out). then head to Louis Vuitton, and my sister got herself a really nice bag and me a wallet! i guess that made up for the night before. HA! We had lunch in the mall across the street then headed out to the airport.

Vegas Day 4

because of this trip, I was tired all weekend long and basically slept for 12 hours sunday and monday. at least monday, touge factory had a nice little bbq.

Matt's Birthday

Monday, May 19, 2008

Drift Day 21

Clubfr got a new track, Milwaukee Mile. This place is HUGE and flat! With staffing, you just gotta get use to keeping your eyes open. Too bad I didn't get to really yell at anyone :(

Drift Day 21the winner of DD21 MWC, Touge Factory Dave.

I also got to stencil francisco's car :)
Simba Stamp

Friday, May 16, 2008

More Stencils

So a co-worker of mine is getting into stencils as well, but isn't too hot on photoshop. so i made one of Fela Kuti for him.

Fela Kuti Stencil

and here is the one i did of simba!
Simba Stencil

Coming soon...

to your nearest parking lot!
Simba Stencil
a stencil of simba's face!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What's going on?

State street projects

I really like the photo above. It's something I took three years ago from my Nikon FM10.

So like i said in one of my previous posts, i took a week vacation from work. It felt really nice. And even though i was hosting an out of towner, I still had time to think and reminisce. A few word to describe what i was really thinking about is i am really enjoying myself with this person and not having to go to work. But at the same time, I still miss the pass. There are people that were in my life, that i wish were still in my life. I know people change over time, and there are reasons why people stop talking to people, but only if it were still like the good ol' days..

i still wish i was 3 years old. at that age, no one can use you, you are the one that needs someone, and majority of the time they will be there for you.

Don't forget

don't forget

I saw this on my way to the bus stop. Actually a co-worker pointed it out, and gave me a brief explanation on how those words are trying to over-ride the strict warning signs to the left of it.


Monday, May 12, 2008

the Chicago Vacation

I took a week off from work, and I spent it moving/organizing my new place and hanging out with Mikey, who flew in from Orlando on Monday. I must say I had an extremely good time...

Mikey's Visit

Oh yes, and the MIA concert with kristine, linda, mikey, eric "scott", and jesse. It was a sweatin'ly good jukin' time!

photo stolen from kristine