Thursday, June 26, 2008


for my one of my final projects we are using dreamweaver. since it is summer and my bike has been on my mind for the past two months, i have decided to make a simple website about fixed-gear bikes. i know, i am a loser...

anywho, since this site will never be hosted, i took some screen shots of it.

Opening pageOpening page
above is the opening page. if you move your cursor over the "fixed-gear" banner of a thing, the little bicycle will move to the right.

About page

entering into the website, you will first land on the "about page." there is a brief written explanation of the website and definition of fixed-gear.

photo pagephoto page

this is the photo page. if you move your cursor over the thumbnail, you'll get a glimpse of the photo the right.

Bike photo page

this page will pop up when you click on a thumbnail in the photo page, and you can scroll though the photos in the gallery.

Link page

last, but not least, the link page. if you move your cursor over the external links, it will preview the page (actually a screen shot jpg) to the right.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

FOR SALE!.. and it's sold

do you or anyone you know need a new saddle for their bike? well, more like a slightly used saddle.

i've got a Fi'zi:k Rondine saddle for sale here; 35 bucks and it's yours! e-mail me if you want it,

For Sale!
For Sale!For Sale!

thanks to keith answering my ad

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Detroit... but why?

everytime i tell folks i am going to detroit/royal oak to visit my dear friend kristine, they ask "why?" it's simple, to see KRISTINE!

anywho, linda and i took a road trip out to the eastside of michigan. our first night in, kristine took us to greektown/downtown detroit. for once, i think i was too scared to enjoy myself, but thinking about it after the fact, was fun. we ate at fishbone, has bad sushi and delicious calm chowder soup! then stopped over at jacaoby for a beer, and to check out the nightlife of detroit.
Downtown Detroitlive band, they sucked, but there facial expressions were entertaining. too bad the photo doesn't show.

on the 2nd day, we woke up kind of late. we all decided we were going to go to the beach after lunch. linda had forgotten her swimsuit, therefore we stopped by target. then went to the beach! except that it started to rain, so we went to mocad. on our way out there, we got to see the the drastic change of the filthy rich to the run down ghettos.

fun exhibit.. patterns, architect, and dirty dee local artists.

afterwards, we cooked dinner and it was just enough for kristine to last a week with the amount we (or i) made. then watched kung-fu panda! it was a cute movie and silly movie.

and since it was a saturday night, that means drinking (or at least for me). we drove around the theater to see what was there, but nothing. so we drove out to ferndale and found post bar. post bar is a half sports bar/ dance club. i guess it's the norm. while being there, we played a few games of pool and a couple of foosball. and doing so, we met a few boys... old men. HA! the typical "so what is your name?"... unforgettable henry, suppositly is a half black, hip hop artist, radio personality of detroit. more like a dip-shit whitey looking for some drama. fun times though!
Post BarPost Bar

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hands only Drifting ...?!

i took this from rob's blog. weld built this car for a kid that is handicapped waist down. thinking to drive with using only my hands sounds hard enough, but this kid can drift!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Finally Done!

IRO Mark V
the blurry bike above is a frame that i've been piecing together very slowly. from what i can remember, i had this frame unbuilt for about 7 months, and now 7 months later, it is finally done!

IRO Mark V

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


my elementary school missed each other so much that we couldn't wait the 10 years, so this past weekend we had a elementary school reunion. it's been about 8 years, and i definitely miss them all.

our reunion took place at connie's pizza over in bridgeport. it was fun times reminiscing about old times and the little bits of memory we all try to put together. man i really love these guys, and i am glad i got to see them!

it makes me feel all fuzzy on the inside...

Although we’ve come to the end of the road
Still I can’t let you go
It’s unnatural, you belong to me, I belong to you
Come to the end of the road

-boyz II men
end of the road

Monday, June 16, 2008

In the neighborhood

Solve. i've seen this guy's graffiti work around the city. never took a close look. and now because he got stab and killed about a half mile from my place, i might stop and look now.

sad story, but true.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Originally uploaded by BrianHagy

so this morning i had a 20 minute debate with myself about riding my bike to work or taking the CTA. i decided on the cta because i felt lazy as usual. well, this was a bad decision. I doubt this will be the last time i let laziness be an excuse, but shit, i should after today!

first off i hopped on to the blueline from california. then at damen, they mentioned its turning into express, so i had to get off.. that was strike one.

hopped on to the next train, got to chicago. walk up the stairs i saw the bus, and thinking "awesome, i got the bus!" nope! the bus was packed to shit!. another bus came along 10 minutes later, and i am walking up to it. next thing you know, the bus is packed to shit again! so i had to wait for another. FUCK! - strike 2

i was able to get on the next bus, of course i don't get a seat, but i am standing and trying to make room. of course people are pushing.. it's like FUCK dude there is only so much room. it's like buses in china, where they pack the crap out of the bus and just keep packing until everyone gets get in. it's like jamming a square block in a circular hole.

after a few stops, i get a seat. i sit between this dude that has his leg all up on mine, and a chick they got her legs spread as if she is waiting to get some. in translation, my personal space is being violated. at this point, i'm just extremely irritated. lucky for those that were riding with me, i didn't snap. i was holding in my fury...

oh and the photo above, just imagine the capacity at 120% and people on top of each, cause that's how it felt!