Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ms. Halley Brus, Soulful.

Halley's Soulful Voice from the crapper on Vimeo.

i met this chick this weekend. it's actually my girl, Jess's, cousin, Halley, AWESOME voice i gotta say. :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Pepper Pots

Binky Griptite, from the Dap Kings, helped produced Spain's Ska/Soul band, The Pepper Pots, new album, NOW!

I remember last summer, Binky was talking to me about this band and how they needed improvement on their accent when singing. From remember what I was listening to last summer compared to their new album, they've improved a whole lot!

If Hello Kitty Had A Mouth She'd Be Screaming By Now

A friend, and mentor, of mine had written an article in the Huffington post in response to Alec Baldwin's comment on Filipina "Mail Order Brides". When she went on the huffington post's website and looked under the section of where her article would be to see if it was posted, it was no where to be found. She could only find it if she were to search for her name on the website. Which means her response was not getting any light. There was not even a link to her article from Alec Baldwin's statement under the related article section.

On Alec Baldwin's statement, there were over 400 comments with barely any Filipinas to represent. When reading the comments, there were plenty of people who thought it was not necessary for Baldwin to apologize.

But you know what, it is/was necessary for Baldwin to apologize. When America sees someone of Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, etc., decent, they always clump us together into one group, Asians. So all Asians are affect by that comment, and we all should stick up for one another. Alec Baldwin's comment opens the door for people to make fun of, or make sly remarks, on other people because of their race or culture. If an apology was not announced, then the ignorant people of American will not understand what he did wrong and continue stereotypes/slurs/racism.

I might be a bit dramatic about this, but I was offended, therefore I would like to spread the word.

Czerina's Article
Alec Baldwin's apology over his Filipina-mail-order-bride comment hit the web this past Wednesday. While there was over 400 comments posted to his blog, a strikingly relevant voice was missing from this discussion. Sadly, the discussion was missing (what seems to me, a Filipina-American woman) an essential voice in this public dialogue -- that of a Filipina woman.

So I'm throwing my two cents in because it pains me to see this voice under-represented in this discussion. It feels like you are that troubled kid in the room everyone is talking about but no one is talking to.

Nowhere is the invisibility of the Filipina woman in this dialogue more evident than in the endless comments to Mr. Baldwin's post that unbelievably condone his behavior from both sides of the Pacific:

"Regarding Alec Baldwin's comments on 'mail-order brides' -- it was a joke!" -- weber1633

"As someone from the Philippines, the apology was a nice gesture, but there was no need." -- Biboy Hernandez

"Frankly, I think it's ridiculous that you even had to apologize; I don't personally know anyone, including any Filipinos, who found that offensive." -- lz1982

Oh really?

Well, I do know where there are Filipinos that find referring to Pinays as mail-order-brides offensive. Just hop a plane to Chicago -- a city both myself and President Obama are proud to call home.

Back in 2007 there was a protest that took place in front of the H&M store on Michigan Avenue over another Filipina-mail-order-bride incident:

The Filipino American nurse is filing a complaint against the corporate clothing behemoth for an alleged racial slur one of its employees made to her in mid-September at an H&M in downtown Chicago. According to Richards, she had just entered the store and was browsing the racks when an employee near her raised his hand and exclaimed loudly, 'Mail order bride in the house!' before running over to a fellow employee and bursting into laughter.

News about this incident rapidly spread through my community. The woman filing the lawsuit was far from a mail-order bride. She is, in fact, an educated woman, a professional in the medical field and a veteran. Bloggers from Angry Asian Man to Filipino Moms urged supporters to attend the protest. Media coverage of the protest was minimal as I
recall. Maybe two local news outlets gave it any play.

Two years and an actor's careless comment later and the world really doesn't look all that different to me. From where I'm sitting we're not quite post racial yet.

When the sexual currency of Filipina women is appropriated by everyone from American actors to Filipino nationals to H&M workers, something is not right. When does anyone stop to ask -- 'Why?' Why is it so easy to 'go there'? Why is it such an effortless act to choose such a disempowering representation of a race and gender to turn into a joke?

Mr. Baldwin's comment was just a reminder of a more pervasive social undercurrent that curtails our ability to connect and care for each other. People who care for one another, people with compassion -- help to strengthen each others weaknesses, not exploit them. We don't ask the question "Why are people so sensitive", we ask "Why are people so insensitive?"

This isn't some can't-we-all-just-get-along sentiment I'm talking about either.

The necessity of connecting to one another is one that social neuroscientist John T. Cacioppo affirms in his book Loneliness which traces "...the need for connection to its evolutionary roots. In order to survive, humans needed to bond to rear their children. In order to flourish, they needed to extend their altruistic and cooperative impulses beyond narrow self-interest and immediate kin."

Now there's an ambitious idea -- flourishing, not just surviving. Daring to look at the root cause of a problem rather than dismissing its critics.

Let's move beyond mail-order brides.

Yes we can.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Monday, May 25, 2009

I am still loving Detroit.

even though school is over for the summer, life is still busy! hopefully it will calm down soon after i move into the new place.

this weekend, i needed my fix of kristine, so i megabussed over to detroit just to spend time with my girl. even though to some, it might have seem like we did a whole lot of nothing, but in our state of mind, it certainly was like whole lot of something.

Detroit, MI.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

ClubFR Drift Day 26 MWC round 2

Saturday night I had to miss out on the Myour House party to bring some school friends to Drift Day 26. Hopefully it was a good experience for them.

Mike Pollard got first place in the 2nd round of Midwest Cup Series and my poor Simba got 6th :(

And some photos from the event:
ClubFR Drift Day 26
ClubFR Drift Day 26
ClubFR Drift Day 26
ClubFR Drift Day 26

i got more photos up on my flickr,

and to see some awesome photos, visit keith's page,

More Parties at the Myour House

thursday night, the Myour House hosted a Hip Hop Star Trek Party, and Friday was a party for the end of the school year and to celebrate the summer beginnings!

Vulcan child and her alien friends.
MYOUR House: Can't hardly wait....
friday night's party got too packed that my lens kept fogging up, but it was good times!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009



okay, i feel better now.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

DJing or Gaming?

MYOUR House: HyperKewl

looking at this photo, you wonder if the dude on the left is playing video games or is making music. well he is actually making noise/music, this was capture at the MYOUR House's HyperKewl party.

List of folks that were performing...
Aphex Twins
Chocolate George ft Gargamel
kenga rus
Jay Schroeder
Foggy Mountain Breakcore
"(Mark Beasley, jonCates + Jake Elliott)
perform realtime audio/video/data noise, a breakcore remix of broken operating systems and leaked windows program code."

Boo woo...

MYOUR House: HyperKewl
monica got some cute tears.

Friday, May 8, 2009

What have you done, My Brother?

Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens, just fabulous.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Jumpin' at the MYOUR for SSCAC

This past Saturday night the MYOUR House & School of the Art Institute of Chicago helped raise money for the South Side Community Arts Center.

The night first started off at the SSCAC for some soul food and dumplings, tap dancing session, breakdancing session, tea ceremony lounge, origami, Afro Cobra Arts, and other things. After was the after-party at the MYOUR house where there were live bands/shows; prepschool, Rodnificent on the drums/mic, DJ Limbs, and DJ Demchuk. While all the music is going on, there were two break crews; B-Boy Danger and the Boogie Knights Crew.

MYOUR House: Jumpin at the MYOUR for SSCAC
MYOUR House: Jumpin at the MYOUR for SSCAC
MYOUR House: Jumpin at the MYOUR for SSCAC
MYOUR House: Jumpin at the MYOUR for SSCAC
MYOUR House: Jumpin at the MYOUR for SSCAC
MYOUR House: Jumpin at the MYOUR for SSCAC
MYOUR House: Jumpin at the MYOUR for SSCAC
MYOUR House: Jumpin at the MYOUR for SSCAC
MYOUR House: Jumpin at the MYOUR for SSCAC
MYOUR House: Jumpin at the MYOUR for SSCAC
MYOUR House: Jumpin at the MYOUR for SSCAC

more photos at the flickr!

Mayer Hawthrone and the County - Maybe So Maybe No

Tuesday, May 5, 2009