Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fuck you cyclist!

*note this isn't to all cyclist, just the ones i've encountered last night

alright, so after going to movies in the park, i was on my way home. i take my normal route, as i am getting into the neighborhood, i, course of, see more cyclist. at this point, i am keeping my pace because being in this neighborhood, you have riders that have a higher cadence or just prefer to sprint to every stoplight. so a group of 4 or 5 cyclist (probably drunk) are riding behind me. i am keeping my pace and a straight line. so this group starts passing me, and i hear a honk. cyclist starts exploding on this vehicle saying things like, "share the road. watch out for the third lane" and blah blah blah. and of course, riding down the road more they are taking up the whole lane, and i am not that far behind them, which means they aren't going all too fast! obnoxious!

fucking cyclists need to realize that we do share the road with motorists, and the reason why they honk may not be implying that you need to get out of the way but more of a warning that they are speeding through your way. it's not like everyone drives a convertible and are able to shout nicely and fast enough, "car going 20mph faster than you on your left!" and i bet you those cyclist would not be as rowdy if they were by themselves. they also need to realize cars are scared of cyclist, not because of their "bold and confronting attitudes", but that a car is nearly a ton (2000 pounds) or more and a bicycle is 30 pounds. regardless of who impacts who, the bike is going to get far more damage than the car.

so fuck you cyclist and learn how to be understanding! just because you are young and feeling undaunted by the world does not mean everyone is against you. though with an attitude like that... i am on the opposing side

Wednesday, July 23, 2008



I hit a truck this morning with my bike, and that is what happened to my fork. It bent back and now i can do barspins! Well, not really... Oh well- more money to be spent!

Monday, July 21, 2008

A Real Vacation

About two weeks ago, I lefted Chicago to arrive in Orlando, Florida. A nice 10 day vacation hanging out with a dear friend, Mikey.

day 1: i've arrived. since it was late, we drank.
day 2: 4th of july. mikey had a pick up match of bike polo at howard middle school. then went swimming in our clothes at a private pool. watched orlando's fireworks on the top floor of a parking garage. then went to his friend's place in the burbs for some more explosives.
Orlando Bike Polo

day 3: orlando's alleycat rat race. we got 69/70 out 100-something (we did get lost, twice). afterwards, parking lot awards, fixie tricks, and a evening game of bike polo vs. tampa.
day 4: bike shop and more bike polo. later in the evening we went to redlight redlight, which is a bar in winter park downtown. lovely local band and some booty shaking.
day 5: shame on mikey, he didn't finish his homework. because it was a 7 hour class day, i decided to go to class with him at UCF. we watched a film, "the rules of the game", in his film class. then after we watch his friend, meagan, get a tattoo, and watched hancock.
day 6: this day was a blur, i remember sleeping in. i believe we got some yummay vegetarian chinese food, went to a asian food store, i got a tummy ache and ran into a mall to poop.
day 7: today i stayed in while mikey went to class. when he came home, we had lunch with his brother and after played more bike polo. this time the game was played on the top of a parking garage. howard middle was occupied by future wnba players.
day 8: mikey was suppose to go to class today, but he didn't... so we stayed in watched some blues brothers, went out to drive by all the theme park of orlando. we didn't go to theme parks because i hate crowds... only when i am prepared for it i can handle it, but orlando is too hot to be prepared for any out door activity besides swimming. afterwards we lefted for vero beach!
day 9: in vero beach! in the morning/afternoon, we got breakfast at kountry kitchen, went to best buy to get a his dad a b-day present, then we hung out at the beach for the rest of the afternoon. in the evening, we rushed back home to get ready for dinner with his parents. after dinner, we played a nice game of pool at the house and watched a video of his dad playing with manatees.
Vero Beach

day 10: mikey's mom got us some bagels for breakfast. we lefted to see some manatees out by the river, but because of the overcast, they weren't really out playing. i saw like one or two of those guys, but only a glimpse. because it was raining, we decised to go to the art museum. they had an exhibit of florida resident art work, very nice must i say. after, we ate a thai/japanese resturant then watched "wanted". because the movie was so long, we rushed to meet up with his dad at restaurant his mom made reservations for. then got back to his parent's packed up and lefted for orlando. in orlando we met up with bicycle folks a went out bar bq bar for drinks. good times!
the last night

day 11: today was a sad day. it was my last in florida. i finished packing up, then we met up with mike and nicole at etho's for brunch. i said my good-byes, finished packing at mikes and went to the airport. my flight was delayed 7 hours... fucking weather.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Crapper

as of 2006, i started using the alis the crapper. the reason is i use to use dc2gsrooo, and since i do not have a DC2 (honda/acura integra) anymore, it would be kind of silly to continue with that. so i've decided to use something that is silly but would last. since the two cars i have ever owned were shitty , and i thought the crapper would appropriate.

since i was young, i was always in to cars. a few years back i met folks that introduced me to drifting. i've always had an integra, therefore i was not able to drift. when i finally forked up enough money to get a cheap rwd, i picked up my '92 nissan 240sx. this thing was a piece of shit that needed a lot of work done.

i started off with new brake stuff, then new motor with a different clutch. since the motor was out, i cleaned out the engine bay and sprayed it black. took out the carpeting, interior, rear spoiler. then little break downs here and there. it was just too much work for the little i knew about the car. i had help, but not really good help. so i just ended up using this thing as a daily until i found an alternative way of getting around. and i eventually did and that's my bicycle.

anywho. i sold the 240! after over a year of it sitting in my parent's back yard, i finally sold it. thank you paul!
240sx - SOLD!