Thursday, February 28, 2008

ABC 7 news on Alleycats

this story has been on going since sunday, since the death of a tour de chicago stage 3 alleycat participant. so now the media and the public have twisted the story around about alleycats. for once in my life, i realized how media can really effect someone's emotions (in a bad way). i've only have a glimpse of it, and am i furious...

for one thing, each rider that competes in an alleycat knows what they are getting into. they know they are responsible for their own lives and the results of any outcome (it's always announced before the race). the people that actually compete in alleycats are usually folks that do not obey traffic laws on a daily cycling commute. and there are plenty of people that do not participate in alleycats that still do not obey traffic laws. pedestrians do not obey traffic laws! and what's the point of commuting by bicycle if it's going to take 5 times longer with stopping at lights! you'll have to wake up two hours before the usual time, and it take much much more energy to start pedaling from stop! a cyclist that has been cycling for quite awhile knows to slow down when there is a red light ahead, especially when traffic is unpredictable.

a messenger's job is to pick up and drop off packages as fast as you can. alleycats resembles a messenger's job, the difference is it a competition against others to see who can select the best and fastest routes to each checkpoint. and there are also simple pleasures of seeing who can get from point a to point b as fast as they can. don't get me wrong, bike couriers can be competitive on the job also. this all dates back way way way back in the days when bicycle couriers just started off... probably 1940s maybe earlier? and of course, it's something that bike messengers started, and it evolved. non-messengers wanted to do it. and soon there was a fight between bike messengers and non-messengers... it goes on...

so fuck the media, fuck people who don't understand. there are people always wanting to butt into a lifestyle that they are unknown to, and if they don't understand it, they want to destroy it! especially when a tragedy occurs. you don't see the media cracking down on commuting cyclists that do not obeying the law and dies when a car hits them. or messengers not obeying laws and dying when a semi-truck hits them. it's basically all the same. there are some people in alleycats do it for fun and some that do it to compete. there are some people who like to cut infront of other cyclists when commuting to work and some that stays back, and there are messengers who take their jobs seriously and some that don't.. ALL THE SAME BUT NOT THE SAME PUBLICITY!

Kids and Life without parole...

it just breaks my heart when i hear stories about adolescents and how the lifestyle they were brought up in will always effect the rest of their lives. in illinois, children as young as 13 years old maybe sentenced to life without the possibility of parole, and depending on the crime, it's all most always mandatory. and majority of the time juveniles are transfered to adult court, especially when it's for murder. but is it right if they've murdered their own abusive parents? it's obvious there is more to the story if they feel the need to murder someone that has showed love but has also been abusing them, a different approach is needed.

in 1899, illinois established the nations first juvenile court and became the country's leader in the juvenile justice reform.... i don't know where i am getting to at this, but there are enough kids out there not getting the proper love they need, and it's plain ol' sad...

and a link for further reading...

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Flying California

Old Car Stuff....

back in the day when i use to be into cars, i had a room filled with junk. things that were taken off my car, suppose to go on my car, things i wanted to sell, things people stored at my place... yeah but now all i can find are these things.

a 5 year old "JDM" honda oil filter
Hamp Oil Filter

and a pair of rota slipstreams
4x100 16inch Rota Slipstream

the other pair was on my car, but that got stolen back in 2005.

now, i have a 240 that is just sitting in my backyard forming rust...

Saturday, February 23, 2008


they are pretty ghey...

GHEY i say!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

What a Tragedy...

I noticed my cactus that my dear friend Ayesha brought back from Arizona for me is dying. It tis a sad day.


baby cactus


my dying cactus

in the photo above, i am towering the plant towards a fluorescent light on my desk.

Like so...
my dying cactus

Friday, February 8, 2008

Bicycle Update.

i got my bike together.

well, i have parts to it, it's just not the parts i want on it. all i need is a chain and it will be ridable.

IRO Mark V

i've also got a new r.e. load bag. it's the vinyl that sold me.

R.E. Load Bag

and that's it!