Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another day, another debate.


okay, so this debate i had was whether film is better than digital, and my preference of film over digital. everyone has their own right to have their own preferences, but it's always nice to know why.

alright, any contemporary fine art photographers would say that their are advantages and disadvantages of both digital and film cameras. all in all it's how the artist wants to perceive their work.

and for me, my story on photography. when i first wanted to explore the world of photography, i bought myself a amateur dslr, nikon d80. i had this thing for about a good year. got a 50mm f1.8 af lens, which is commonly used by amateur photographer because it is the closest width of human sight, and thought it would be easy to learn. well, it took me some time. as i was taking classes for graphic design, it was mandatory to take a digital photography course, which i did do. and i thought the class will teach me what i need to know. i will say i did learn something from the class, but i felt like it wasn't enough.

at this point, i was debating whether or not to transfer to a real art school and study photography. well eventually that is what i did, and now i am at columbia college studying photography.

attending columbia opened my eyes to film photography; with the processing of your own film, the chemicals, enlarging, just the process you need to go to just to get one nice print. well, because of all that work just to get one nice print out of a 35mm piece of plastic with eaten away by light gelatin layers of silver, i learned to actually care about each shot i take with my film camera. to make sure there is no dust on my lens or in my camera, the light meter works, i have it on an appropriate aperture and shutter speed, and that i am using the right film with the right iso/asa for whatever scene i am shooting. and those tidbits is what i learned just in my amateur black and white photo class. just imagine what you need to go through when doing color film photography, color film processing is much more dangerous and tedious. and on top of that, you add in a flash or a studio, that means more technical adjustments and thorough thinking. then you got different types of cameras that hold different size film. and the enlarging part is just another jar of headaches and can get just as bad. all that work does pay off, it's a kick in the stomach to let you know you should stop and smell the flowers. give what you produce some thought!

with a dslr, sometimes all you need to do is switch a couple of things, point, shoot, plug it into a computer, do a couple of adjustments, then you got yourself a decent photo. to do all of that for one photo, it would probably take 5 or 10 minute...

the reason why i prefer film is because you are more intimate with your photo, picture, piece of art. once the process is actually experienced, it would be understood to what i mean by intimate, well maybe.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Taggart Transcontinental play at Fizz

Taggart Transcontinental


...if you can.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009



i bought this little guy a few months back. i haven't had the time to test it out, but one of these days i will and hopefully it works!

oh yes, and i survived my first day back at school. i think columbia's winter break is wayyyyy too long, it was nice though, but wayyyyyy toooo long.

The Graveyard by Neil Gaiman

do you like books? maybe a book similar to the jungle book?

Neil Gaiman wrote The Graveyard with The Jungle Book in mind, except of a child raised by animals, this child, Nobody Owens, also known as Bod, is raised by the dead/ghosts.

I haven't read this book yet, but there are video chapter readings by the author online during his book tour:

Monday, January 26, 2009

New Lens... maybe?

i didn't take this photo, but i think it's pretty. im looking to invest in a fisheye lens. i like fisheye...

Happy Lunar New Year!

so saturday night/sunday morning, i lost my wallet, but it was returned to me! oh how i love noble people...

on that note, it's best to never fall asleep at a party...
Grand & Chicago Party

Sunday, January 25, 2009


i lost my wallet this weekend, and i wish it will magically come back :(

i also wish i was still this young so i don't have anything to worry about
Me, 2 years old?

Friday, January 23, 2009

Man-powered Ferris Wheel


Repost: Tim Wise

a co-worker went to see Tim Wise on MLK day, i couldn't make it, i had much work to do :(


so i got a problem with the location i am living in right now. well it's only a small problem.

currently i am on the south-side of chicago. it's not that south, but south enough where if i mention bridgeport, folks thinks it's far, though its not. if you compare hipsterville (aka bucktown, logan square, wicker park)to bridgeport to the distance of madison and state, which is chicago's 0,0 location, it's about the same. if anything bridgeport is just a hair further.

now for the problem. friend(s) that i tend to hang out with a lot has a problem coming down to the south-side. i would say, i head up north 4 to 5 times a week to just hang out. they come down once every 3 months, if even. does that sound fair? not really. i understand there maybe more places to hang up north, but we always go to the same bars, and they are shitty with shitty people or expensive. see now, down here on the south-side we got bernice's tavern, which has fairly cheap beer (2 bucks pbr), good live music, and good people. now these friends of mine never got a chance to experience all three of those together because they rarely come down.

i guess i am just frustrated, boys tend to not want to take an extra leap for a girl unless they want to f*ck her.

anywho, because i was stubborn last night and choose not to go out to the green mill or bernice's, i watched the temptations the movie. i am a sucker for movies based on the history of music.


last time i watched it was when it came out in '98, i think. 11 years later, movie is just as good, if not better, just because i appreciate music a lot more. and watching the movie got me thinking about my recent visits to detroit, oh how i miss my kristine and the quiet big city of detroit!

Motown Museum

Thursday, January 22, 2009



school starts monday, and it feels like grade/high school again, where i dread to go back. at least this time around its with classes ive choosen and they are somewhat fun.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Times Have Changed!

MLK's prediction of a black president

little rock 9

Rosa Parks

tons more happen to people in the past that are open-minded, times have changed, thank god!

Welcome President Obama!

Obama Rally

obama's offical day in office, this day is the beginning of "change". black history in the making, though that could be debatable whether or not how black obama is, but michelle obama can always make up for it. she is a south-side chicago lady, attended chicago's finest chicago public magnet high school, whitney young! go dolphins! plus it was a federal holiday yesterday, MLK Jr's day, though his birthday is january 15th.

those that want change from obama, like less corruption, just don't forget we want that from all of our presidents, but they can only control so much. i am sure obama will try his best.

By Amy Dixon-Kolar, Rosa Sat
"Rosa sat so Martin could walk. Martin walked so Obama could run. Obama runs so our children can fly."

Monday, January 19, 2009


dumbo was released in 1941, and its an amazing cartoon. i absolutely love it. watching it as a kid, there were so many emotions, as an adult, so much emotion plus the enjoyment of the soundtrack.

The Ultimate Warmer Weather Money Saving Plan!

winter is nearing its end, and money is low. what to do? to dream for warmer weather.

my ultimate plan for warmer weather, instead of going to the bar, buy a bottle, grab a friend or 5 and head to the lakefront... something that has always been done, but with the right people, it will be extra fun. now that i realize it, this must me the reason why i don't head up to the green mill as much during warmer weather.

on another note;
so ive been hanging out with new folks. obviously they are nice people, or else i wouldn't be hanging out them. i noticed i am taking the habits of my other friends, which sucks. old habits are, laziness and flakiness, i need to quit that. in order to keep friends you need to be at least reliable.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

i love to dance!

why be depressed?!


everyone has ups and downs in life. seek for the ups and learn from the downs. people are fucking morons.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Need Greens


i've been craving veggies, which means i am lacking it. reasons why i have been lacking it, i am poor. so all day and everyday it's ramen. ramen, ramen, ramen. good ol' ramen.

oh yes, i hate project managers that can't give me a fucking straight answer! FUCK!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


they are my least favorite day of the week...

Monday, January 12, 2009


kristine came into town this weekend, this time she stayed for 2 nights. it was rough the first night for me, and second one was pretty mellow. anywho, even though chicago's slushly weather sucks ass, i hope spending a little time with friends was worth it.

The Roof
she hates me taking photos of her, but i like taking photos of her!

The Roof
at least i got a decent view from the roof top!

sunday night was "knit night" or "girl's night", as usual my cousins showed up late. i ended up taking a nap while they were at my place, and afterwards we went ice skating. and i was the 7th wheel... as usual.
Ice Skating

Friday, January 9, 2009

Tim Wise: The Creation of Whiteness

on mlk day, january 19, tim wise will be speaking at northwestern university in chicago at the school of law

and mavis staples will be in evanston singing

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Week Highlights.

so last week i was out and about.

i actually do not have photos that highlight my week, but they consist of dance parties and hanging out with friends, as usual.

and there was the ClubFR Formal.

ClubFR Formal 2009
i recently got into whiskey, so there is the bottle of jack in my hand.

ClubFR Formal 2009
jesse and wortman

ClubFR Formal 2009
simba looking snazzy

ClubFR Formal 2009
two lovely ladies, hyori and christie

ClubFR Formal 2009
the crowd.

not everyone was captured by my camera, only because a good amount of them decided to hang out the "secret" hotel room. especially after simba having to deal with a massive lady that was crating her 3 year old child as an excuse, even though it wouldve been easy to get child and family services on her ass for emotional/verbal abuse and exposure to an unsafe environment.

Friday, January 2, 2009

December 21, 2012

keep this date in mind, it's date of the end of the world.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Really?! Happy New Years???

for all the drama that happened on new years, hopefully that means the new year will be drama-free, highly doubt it...
Happy New Years, Assholes! 2009