Friday, July 30, 2010


reuniting with folks you thought have changed sometimes doesn't work out as much as you hoped, sometimes not at all. instead it revives your childish ways and things are back to how you escaped them.

recalling memories, my mother use to sing "underneath mango tree" when doing work around the home. humming it, singing it. she said it's a song that they use to sing when she was in burma. now, whenever i hear this song, i feel nostalgic. i can envision my sun filled house (before my father decided tear it apart and remodel it to his liking), and i am sitting at our over sized dining room table and my mom adjacent to me, doing the dishes. after i was twelve, or so, i rarely ever heard my mom singing it. then again, that's when i rarely saw her or anyone. days when i just wanted to escape.

Friday, July 2, 2010

DJ Limbs and Butter

I'm late on this, but y'all should buy this 45. there is a limited of 250 pressed, if you want to save on shipping and live in chicago (or know me) hit me up, i'll be sure to let limbs know! and if not the 45, the digital. it has awesome art, awesome vocals, and awesome beats! Support good artists!

<a href="">Mad Jazz Noodle (ft Butter) by DJ Limbs</a>
<a href="">The Wimp (ft Butter) by DJ Limbs</a>