Thursday, June 28, 2007


So today, June 29th, 2007, was one of those typical days were I didn't want to wake up. Well I actually did at 6:00am, still needing to shower and all that before having to leave at 6:30 and getting at work by 7am. Yeah, well, it still took me awhile before I woke up. I eventually got out of the house at 6:35, taking my normal Thursday route to NU. Archer Ave, 18th St., State St, then over to the LFP. Well waiting at the light at Roosevelt and Michigan Avenue, I decided to cross since the lights were changing. yeah bad idea, A Cadillac runs a red light. Of course, they hit my front wheel, causing me to fly up in the air about 10 feet. I remembered my exact thought, "oh shit, I'm going to die." Obviously I didn't, but I did sit there for a good 10 minutes, not being able to move. Not out of shock, but out of pain. Oh yes, and to top it off, the fucker ran.

this makes it visit number 3 to the ER this year..

here are some injury pictures.
lower back
knees and foot

To begin with, i walked like an old man, and now i walk like an old man that needs to be put to sleep... ACK!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


So this past month, I've got injured more than i ever did in a year.

twice i've gotten hit by a car/suv (not severely), ran over something that caused me to fly off my bike, tricks (it sucks to not be coordinated), and my moose incident.

i just pray i don't get doored...

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

robotic child


i found the story on yahoo about robots having different facial expressions to certain words like sushi, bomb, president bush... etc.

those japanese, and the play of technology. wowsiers!

Monday, June 4, 2007


i bruised my pubic bone trying to do skids. i've a complished them, but now i can't practice. it hurts too much...

linda's attempt
linda's attempt..

afterwards we got our drink on...