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have you ever been so sleepy that you hear music? well, when i get tired, and i am on the brike of pushing myself to stay up and actually falling asleep, i hear classical music. it's so odd. usually it's a piano riff, but lately i've been getting in some horns, as in the trumpet. makes me wish i actually took lessons, i got some pretty songs that play in my head.

Friday, April 24, 2009


there was a massacre last night at the MYOUR House. Cannibals.

I was able to capture enough, before they were going to eat me. then, i burned the place down, to be sure the zombies didn't escape....

harhar! just kidding. it was a bloodshed party, contribute to the MYOUR House's hero, Omar. Last saturday there was a nasty fight, and Omar busted through and saved the day beating the shit out of these boys. the place got bloody, but at least the folks that reside in the MYOUR house are now safe.

anywho.. picture time.

MYOUR House: Fiesta Sangre
MYOUR House: Fiesta Sangre
MYOUR House: Fiesta Sangre
MYOUR House: Fiesta Sangre
MYOUR House: Fiesta Sangre
MYOUR House: Fiesta Sangre

view the entire set if you like at my flickr... Fiesta Sangre

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Teddy Pentergrass

last night i was hanging out with the ladies, and jess put on some teddy pentergrass, tko love. a beautiful song i must say. Then i was thinking, the little guitar riff in the beginning sounded familiar. i was letting my noodles work, then it hit me! pharcyde, back in the day. man, music is just so awesome!

compare if you like...

Love TKO - Teddy Pendergrass

Back In The Day - The Pharcyde

Monday, April 20, 2009

Drift Day 25

this past weekend, i went out to madison, il, which is about 15 minutes away from st. louis mo., for ClubFR's first round of the Midwest Cup.

and the photos..

and the rest are on

oh yes, a little video capturing our ride back home.

DD25 - The Ride Home from the crapper on Vimeo

seriously though, at this event, there was only hand full of good drivers. i miss back in the day when rob, kieth, tf dave, dorimon dave were all driving and the rest of the clubFR guy's cars were up and running...

Lanialoha & Kupono

Last week wednesday, a friend of mine was performing at subterranean. all in all, the show wasn't great, but her performance with her hula sisters were awesome!

two lovely ladies..
Lanialoha & Kupono

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Photos!

when you are down and you need a photo to cheer you up, i gotta say a lot of photos that i took from the MYOUR house parties make me smile, especially these one:
MYOUR House's Offical Opening!
MYOUR House's Offical Opening!
MYOUR House's Offical Opening!
MYOUR House's Offical Opening!
MYOUR House's Offical Opening!

Final Project: Dorimon...?

Got some photos from the shoot i did this past weekend...
Final Project
Final Project
Final Project
Final Project
Final Project

MYOUR House's Offical Opening

I am finally finished editing photos from the party this weekend! YAY!!! The party was crazily awesome!
MYOUR House's Offical Opening!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Gou Miyagi


Friday, April 10, 2009

Need a party to go to tonight?

Tonight is the MYOUR House Offical Opening.
3329 S. Indiana Ave.
April 10, 2009
doors open at 9pm
cover is $5 after 11pm it's $10

Live bands tonight:
Pure Magical Love

Photos by Glitterguts and myself, Maggie or the crapper.

And photos from last week's Faerily Acidic:
MYOUR House: Faerily Acidic

ALERT!!! Stolen car parts, keep your eyes peeled PLEASE!

A young man, whom goes by the named Dennis, in Minnesota got some car stolen off his car. Please keep your eyes peeled. Below is something Dennis wrote up that has a list of stolen parts, who to contact if you got any info, and some photos.

Thanks Ya'll!

I found out my car was stripped. It was in my garage in Excelsior, MN and someone BROKE into it and stripped it. This is what the car looks like, I had a few very precious items on this car.

The theives took most things and left others. Some of the things they stole were....
-DDrug Tsunami hood (one of a kind)
-Works stitch evolution wheels (one of a kind in gold)
-both Bride seats
-Sparco racing harness
-intercooler pipes
-small battery-maf sensor
-t25 turbo elbow inlet

With those things stolen they didn’t take:
-body kit
-fenders-Supermade rear wing
-Origin tail lights-strut bar
-Pioneer CD deck
-Sparco steering wheel
-Silvia headlight
-Silvia gril

Which seems odd because these pieces were easy to steal and they didn’t take it but they took the hood and the wheels which are very obvious who they belong to.

Please keep an eye and an ear out for these parts. My team, sponsors and I have worked hard on getting this car together and were excited about the 2009 season and now we have a little mountain to climb.


Im sure these thieves might not be drifters or even had a clue what they were doing or what kind of car this was, so we might not see anything come up on the forums, but make sure to keep a look out on ebay and craiglist.

If leads or tips are available please contact me at

I really just want my parts back so I can continue to get ready for the season, so if everything is returned properly I WONT HOLD ANYTHING AGIANST ANYONE, i will believe that it is a total mistake and you didn’t know who you were stealing from.

But if I find out who has done this on my own, the whole world is going to come down on you =)

Here are a few photos:

The seats

The hood

The wheels

The scene:

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Self portraits...

so the last project before my final project, i am suppose to do a self portrait. well i didn't want to just take photos of myself, so i took photos of myself in transition into a clown. the only problem was i didn't know how to put on a clown face. i thought it would come naturally since i've watched a lot of bozo and actually liked clowns, especially the ones in the circus. anywho, i ended up looking like a geisha, so i decided to look like a scary geisha instead..


Monday, April 6, 2009

MYOUR House Parties

this past weekend, i've been working this new gig; taking party photos. i think it's working out pretty alright, we just need a little more people showing up around the same time, or at least sticking around longer. anywho, some party photos...

MYOUR House: Ladytron After-Party
MYOUR House: Ladytron After-Party
MYOUR House: Ladytron After-Party
MYOUR House: Ladytron After-Party
MYOUR House: Ladytron After-Party
MYOUR House: Ladytron After-Party
MYOUR House: Ladytron After-Party

more photos to be found on my flickr, but MYOUR House will be getting up a pro account soon, so more will be seen at

Friday, April 3, 2009


Heiruspecs playing at the Abbey Pub. it's an 18 and up show, 10 for advanced tickets and 12 at the door, but I won't be there cause i'll be working as a photog at this event...

so if for some reason you got your hip hop satisfaction from heiruspecs, and need a after party to go to, MYOUR House got a Ladytron after party going on. 18 and up, $5 with ladytron tickets, before midnight it's $7 without and $10 after midnight.

MYOUR House's Faerily Acidic

MYOUR House Flyer

Another MYOUR House event tomorrow.
these ladies (and one guy) are working hard to keep up with chicago folks and their partying needs.

it's magical party, so dress up like a fairy, nymph, or unicorn..

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Founations of Color Photography: Final Project

i had some time last night to scan a few more frames from my final project. and here i show you...
Touge Factory

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

i <3 photos

since i love photos, i will share a pretty one with you.

photographer, carey primeau
Angelic Alleys.
Detroit, Michigan