Friday, August 17, 2007

Triplets of Belmont

triplets of belmont

Last night, August 16, I did a alley kitten with Ben and Julia. Our team name, Team pegasus, and got third place!! W00T!W00T!

triplets of belmont

Triplets of Belmont Alley Kitten Scavanger Hunte ROUTE!!!

7:30pm-9:00pm, 20 miles
3 points - North Coast movies, Damen and Divison
3 points - West side of humbolt Park @ Potomac, just south of the tennis courts
3 ponites - Under Ground Movies, 1822 N. Milwaukee
2 points - Belmont @ Elston
2 points, x3 - Belmont Blue Line Stop, Belmont and Kimball.

we also got a couple of bonus points wearing our helmets and just being cool :D

Triplets of Belmont Route

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Oh how i love photo booth photos. here are some that linda and I took at skylark.
strip 1 strip 2