Thursday, December 1, 2011

Victim of Police Brutality

Brian is a part of the People's DJs Collective, a good guy, and has been a victim of brutality of chicago's finest. If you got a few bucks to spare or know a good inexpensive lawyer, help this guy out, please.

Dear friends,

Last month our friend Brian Galaviz became a victim of police brutality and racial profiling. Brian is an amazing educator and activist and has worked for years alongside many of us – showing up at our fundraisers, marches, and events – and supporting young people and others who are the most vulnerable in our communities. In the past 7 years in Chicago, Brian has become an integral member of many movements – teacher unionization and worker’s rights, immigrant justice, anti-militarization organizing, anti-prison and LGBTQ justice work. Thoughtful, hard working, and kind, Brian is one of the people many of us can count on to make events happen, to raise hard questions at public forums, to show up to our events with friends and young people, to DJ our fundraiser for free, and to press back on power when it matters most.

Brian was at a party when the cops entered the backyard, and Brian approached them to speak – in a non-confrontational manner. Brian was then choked by police officers as he was dragged to the alley where he was hit and choked again by the arresting officer. He was arrested at the party, processed, and spent the night at 26th and California. Falsely accused of pushing and punching a police officer, Brian is now facing a felony charge of aggravated battery of a peace officer. The preliminary hearing occurred a few weeks ago and the case will go to trial.

This is an example of police brutality and racial profiling.

He needs resources to get a good lawyer, which will cost around $10, 000.
His full time job as a mentor at an alternative school in Humboldt Park will not cover the cost of a lawyer. He needs help from us.

Consider donating anything you can either by the we pay account:

OR cheque (made out to Brian) and mailed to:

2245 S. Marshall Blvd
Chicago, IL

With respect,
Friends of Brian Galaviz

Kay Fujiyoshi, University of Illinois Chicago
Erica R. Meiners, Northeastern Illinois University
Laura Ramirez, University of Illinois Chicago
Dave Stovall, University of Illinois Chicago
Rachel Wallis, AREA Chicago
Eric (Rico) Gutstein, University of Illinois Chicago & Teachers for Social Justice

Therese Quinn, School of the Art Institute
Sam Finkelstein, Deputy Director, Gamaliel Foundation
Jorge Mujica, Regional Vice President, Mexican-American Coalition
Pauline Lipman, University of Illinois Chicago & Teachers for Social Justice

La Voz de los de Abajo
Darlene Gramigna, American Friends Service Committee
Comite Anti-Militarizacion
Nadia Sol Ireri Unzueta Carrasco, Immigrant Youth Justice League
Jesus Palafox, National Network Opposed to the Militarization of Youth
Dulce Quintero Director Of Operations, Casa Corazón and Esperanza Trabajando Program; Manager La Casa Norte
Al Ramirez, co-chair Caucus of Rank and File Educators
La Tony, Mentor Program Coordinator, Broadway Youth Center


The Crapper said...

Wow, "Out Source". You are using some fighting words!

Well, maybe in your nearly 15 years of working in law enforcement, you've been exposed to "activists who look for silly shit in hopes of drawing attention to their causes," causing you to make "fake false claims" against someone who is labeled as an activist, who was trying to address a probable issue to these guests entering a private gathering.

I was not at the party myself, or witnessed the situation, so I am unable to answer all of your questions. Knowing Brian, he is not the type to use violence. I'm sure you, and like may others, enjoy unwinding at a party with like-minded people after a hard week of work. As much as you hope there was drugs involved and heavy drinking, I know Brian is a responsible person, does not do drugs, and drinks sparingly.

I wish I could answer all of your questions, but I am not Brian and you definitely do not know this man. Though he may look white in photos, but in person, Brian has latin features and speaks with a slight southern latin twang. He is a very kind person who works with at-risk youth, and when it come to activism, he believes Gandhi and MLK's approach of non-violent activism. In the snip that I copied and paste, it didn't say the officers were strangling him, choking yes, but not strangling. And folks are raising money to help him pay for a lawyer, he doesn't have the luxury where $10,000 comes easily.

Brian is a person who cares for others, and so being labeled as an "activist" just because he takes action by sharing his ideas with others should not be deemed with a negative connotation. Though you may think little gets accomplished "at a a backyard"-- a person's voice that is heard only by one person, makes more of an impact than not being heard at all,

If you were open to it, it might be better getting to know Brian before judging his situation. Cause when you do, you would see how it is kind of odd that this happened to him.

The Crapper said...
Sorry Out Source, I accidentally deleted your comment, but your original post...

"Having worked in law enforcement for nearly 15 years and seeing the occassional, and I mean occassional, over use of force, not excessive, I can understand why some people are quick to fake false claims against police officers. Now, in reality, most Activist are looking for this silly shit in hopes of drawing attention to their causes. He was at a party, he approached the officers "to talk". How many times did the officers ask him to step back? How many times did the officers, ask everyone to dispearse? How many other party-goers were closing in on the minimally staffed police? And as indicated in your plea for money, he has had his preliminary hearing. This means that he has already been provided with a lawyer and since the case has been scheduled for trial, a judge has established probable cause to believe that Brian did just what he was charged. Now lets ask some real questions. Was its Brian's home? If this was brutality, where were Brian's friends when these blue thugs attacked him and choked him? How much alcohol and/or drugs did Brian use before the Police intervention?

I looked at a photo of Brian. He looks like a typical white guy. Was he making sure that the officers were aware of his latin ancestory so they could make a decission to choke him? the word is strangle! Choking someone is blocking their breathing from the inside. If this is the case, there must be much more of this story.

Brian grow up and recognise that there is little you are going to accomplish being an activist during a party, at night, in someone's back yard."